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Directly below are links to the minutes of the FNA general meetings.  Below them will be links to our newsletters.  Good reading!

Past Newsletters:

The Fairmount Neighbors Association sent out bi-annual newsletters that included information about events or issues impacting the neighborhood, neighbor related stories, and other interesting articles for Fairmount residents.

With the help of the City of Eugene, we have mailed out FNA Newsletters to all neighborhood residents for many years.  By 2014, because of increasing mailing costs, environmental concerns, and city budget limitations, we stopped mailing out the newsletter and started emailing it. 

Unfortunately our newsletter has become just a reminder of our upcoming general meetings.  

If you would like to help us restart the newsletter, please contact us by clicking here.

 If we revive the newsletter and you would like to receive it and/or you would like to get an email reminder of our general meetings, then click here and sign up for our email list.  

Here are the links to our past newsletters: