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The Fairmount neighborhood is a very livable and high quality neighborhood.  We are a mix of well established owner-occupied houses to students and young couples who rent.  Each brings something to the neighborhood, from stability and perspective to energy and innovation.  Mostly this creates a pleasant, safe, and quiet place to live. 

Sometimes, however, problems do come up.  The best way to minimize problems is to get to know your neighbors and communicate.  Often the problem is just a misunderstanding.  For examples, students might not realize they live next to someone who has an early bedtime.  Young children or the elderly or someone who has to be at work very early in the morning are a couple of examples.  

Meeting and talking with your neighbors also helps everyone feel like part of the community. 

If you are going to have a party, let your neighbors know so they can be ready for the noise.  Give them an idea of when the party will be over.  If a party is too loud, before calling the police, give your neighbor a call or knock on their door and ask them to be a little quieter and explain why.  Call the police as a last resort.  It is good for neighborly relations and also allows the police to focus on more serious criminal conduct. 







Reporting a Parking Complaint:
Residents sometimes experience access problems caused by blocked driveways or sidewalks.  Or there may be a car that has not been moved within posted limits or that has remained parked in front of your house for more than 72 hours.

Direct any parking complaints to Eugene Parking Compliance at  541-682-5729 .  You may also wish to visit their page regarding Reporting a Parking Problem.

Parking Zones:
To help address the high demand for parking in residential areas surrounding the University of Oregon, the City of Eugene has established a parking program that designates special zones (see info and map) and rules for residential parking.

Parking Permits:
If you reside within one of the special parking zones, you may acquire a residential parking permit to park in front of your home beyond posted limits or obtain guest passes through Diamond Parking Service, who the City of Eugene contracts with for handling parking permits:

Diamond Parking Services
2700 1297 High Street
Eugene, OR 
9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday through Friday

See the City of Eugene website page regarding Residential Permits for additional information.

Planned Urban Developments or PUDs:

In March of 2017, a land use application named Capital Hill PUD was filed with the city of Eugene with the intent to build 34 lots on  13.63 acres here within the Fairmount Neighborhood, south of Hendrick’s Part, at the end of Capital Drive.  In August of 2019, the plan was approved with conditions.   Here is a link to the city’s paper trail of this application.

Members of the neighborhood have been fighting the approval of this application.  Here is some information they have provided:

City Interest in Our Neighborhood:

Once upon a time, the city wanted to know more about the Fairmount neighborhood.  So they did a survey, some analysis, and even formed a livability workgroup.  Here are links to that information: